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Kyrie Irving rails against ‘blatant’ disrespect on social media

A philosophical Kyrie Irving stepped outside the basketball world this week to address an issue plaguing the world and more specifically, social media.

The Boston Celtics star spent time Tuesday musing upon the ills of society that seem to manifest in the worst way on Twitter, Facebook and so on: People being “blatantly disrespectful” of one another. What’s worse, in Irving’s eyes, is how abhorrent behavior on social media and the like is exposing children to horrible lessons on how to treat other people.

“We live in America, where people say [expletive] all the time about one another — and it’s mean, bad, kids see it, like everyone gets a piece of it and then it’s the next story, the next thing that’s coming out of someone’s mouth,” Irving said, via the Boston Globe’s Nicole Yang. “Like, there’s world hunger going on.

“People are blatantly disrespectful now, like to people’s faces,” Irving continued. “It’s ridiculous to treat another human being like that. People do it behind screens, people do it on their phones every single day. It’s something to learn as a human being how to treat + respect others.”

Preaching better behavior on social media certainly is a worthwhile pursuit and promoting friendlier and more civil discourse on social media obviously is a great cause to champion.

Irving of course is a very contemplative individual and the fact he took time to speak to such important issues can only help further discussions concerning online bullying and the other negative aspects that have become more prevalent in the world since the advent of social media. It would be great to see Irving — not to mention others who also boast such a platform — continue to share such a worthwhile message.