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Warriors far and away the most-hated NBA team per state-by-state survey

The Golden State Warriors are without question the top team of the current NBA era, and with such unparalleled success comes envy that often manifests itself in overriding antipathy.

According to a recent survey conducted on a state-by-state basis, the Warriors have no challengers when it comes to being the NBA’s most-hated team, with team coming out on top — or bottom — in a whopping 26 states.

As noted in a report on the findings by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Eric Ting, the survey was conducted by sports analytic site, with the findings rendered in the above Twitter map.

“In each state, a query was run for phrases such as ‘I hate (insert team)’ as well as other ‘negative phrases’ directed towards teams or players,” the report reads.

The Los Angeles Lakers come in second place in the most-hated team survey, as the results indicate the iconic organization was tabbed the least-favorite NBA squad in 19 states.

Interestingly, the Warriors are the most-hated team in their home state of California, although the intrastate presence of the aforementioned Lakers, Clippers and Kings presumably tilts and skews the results against Golden State.

It merits noting that among the “Big Four” on the Warriors, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson generally are likable players. The two stars certainly do not draw as much ire as Draymond Green — whose style of play makes him a player opposing fans to love to hate — and Kevin Durant, who has somewhat embraced a villain-like status since joining the Warriors. 

All that said, how the Warriors are so overwhelmingly disliked from coast to coast is what makes the findings so intriguing, although, as noted above, being the best of the best often brings out the haters. Going to four straight NBA Finals and winning three championships in the process obviously makes the Warriors an easy target for derision among fans of less successful teams.