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NBA referees association admits missed call on James Harden travel

The official Twitter account of the NBRA (National Basketball Referees Association) admitted Tuesday that an obvious travel by James Harden on Monday night was missed by the on-court crew.

During the Houston Rockets’ 102-97 victory over the Utah Jazz, Harden clearly traveled on a step-back three-pointer attempt.

To make matters worse, Ricky Rubio was called for a foul on Harden’s two-step back-step, which awarded Harden three free throws, which he made.

The NBRA’s official Twitter account was launched with the goal of “encouraging communication, dialogue and transparency with NBA fans, while offering expertise from our elite group,” according to its social media bio. Mission accomplished, at least in this instance.

Harden, meanwhile, had a line for the ages when confronted about his obvious traveling violation after the game. 

“What do you want me to say? Tell on myself?” Harden said, via ESPN.