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Bill Belichick: ‘Christmas comes at an inconvenient time’

Bill Belichick appeared to channel his inner Ebenezer Scrooge while discussing Christmas with reporters Friday, as the football-first New England Patriots head coach bah-humbugged the timing of the holidays.

Belichick, in rare form given his typically cantankerous demeanor when interacting with the media, actually was playing nice Friday, asking reporters how their holiday shopping was going. 

When addressing his own shopping, Belichick noted how such distractions and obligations come at a most inopportune time for him personally.

“I’m behind,” Belichick quipped, via MassLive. “Christmas comes at an inconvenient time right in the middle of football season. Every year.”

A reporter later suggested to Belichick that Amazon is a great time-saver. The coach, who is not much of a fan of the Internet — especially social media, platforms he frequently calls comically erroneous names seemingly on purpose — pleaded ignorance. 

“If I learn how to use it,” Belichick said.

Belichick’s evident disdain for timing of the holidays does not mean he’s actually Scrooge-like. Actually, a few years ago Belichick even admitted he’s a big fan of Christmas carols, saying, “pretty much whichever one comes on puts a smile on my face.”

And just last year, Belichick’s longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday posted video of the two shopping for a Christmas tree, during which the curmudgeonly coach actually appeared to be enjoying the outing.

So, let’s not misidentify Coach Belichick as the NFL’s resident Grinch. It’s just that it would be much better for him if the holidays came at a more convenient time. It does come during the stretch run to the postseason, after all.