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LeBron James had odd run-in with fans during 2010 return to Cleveland with Heat

There was of course a time when LeBron James was Public Enemy No. 1 in his home state of Ohio. The transformation from beloved native son to pariah came in 2010 when he left the Cavaliers to take his talents to South Beach.

James’ “homecoming” with the Miami Heat came on Dec. 2, 2010, a mere five months after “The Decision” debacle. The experience was so significant that James has said he can recall it with total clarity and will remember it for the rest of his life.

James recently spun a yarn about that fateful day when he returned to his old stomping grounds, a tale shared on social media via James’ multimedia platform Uninterrupted. In it, James recalls an interesting run-in with some disgruntled fans he encountered that day in an elevator.

“I’m about to head out to the bus, and on my floor, the elevator opens, and there’s two guys that have ‘F— LBJ’ t-shirts on,” James said, via Dime Mag. “And the elevator opens, and when they notice it’s me, one of the guys says ‘Oh, can I take a picture with you?’ And when it’s closing, he says ‘I’m not even from Cleveland.”

James of course later resurrected his hometown hero status, returning to the Cavs following his stint in Miami. After at long last delivering a title to the championship-starved region, James again made the decision to leave Cleveland this past offseason.

James not surprisingly was greeted far more warmly by fans this time around when the Lakers paid a visit to Cleveland for the first time on Nov. 21, especially when compared to the frigid welcome he received back in the winter of 2010.