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Kawhi Leonard not interested in discussing rumors, Christmas

Kawhi Leonard was neither in a festive mood nor inclined to address the ongoing speculation about his future while meeting with reporters Tuesday evening. 

The Toronto Raptors superstar would sit out Tuesday’s 123-99 throttling of the Los Angeles Clippers, but held court with the media ahead of the game. 

Leonard has been facing questions about his intentions in free agency following this season and obviously will continue to field them, despite his evident disinterest in doing so. 

The same scenario played out in the Staples Center visitors locker room Tuesday night. A typically tight-lipped Leonard revealed that he avoids dealing with the constant chatter while explaining his methods to accomplish as much.

“I don’t really watch TV too much,” Leonard said, as transcribed by Dime Mag. “There’s a lot of different things you can do these days with different apps or websites you can go to and watch TV shows, movies, etc.”

Later, Leonard was lobbed something of a softball question when asked about his favorite Christmas moment. Suffice to say, Leonard was not interested in that line of questioning, either.

Leonard has made it quite clear throughout his career that dealing with the media is one of his least favorite parts of being an NBA star. Even when he appeared to be having fun with it earlier this season, Leonard’s whimsical demeanor during a press conference became the source of a meme on social media.

Despite Leonard’s desire to not reveal too much about himself when talking with reporters, there will be no shortage of conjecture about what he intends to do next summer. Like it or not, Leonard should expect related questions to keep coming his way, although the holiday-related inquiries will come to an end soon enough.