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Patrick Mahomes jersey from MNF game nets over $35K at auction

The jersey worn by Patrick Mahomes in the historic “Monday Night Football’ meeting between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams earlier this season has fetched over $35,000 at auction.

The epic Nov. 19 showdown was the highest-scoring game in “Monday Night Football” history and arguably one of the best regular-season NFL games of all-time.

The Chiefs ultimately lost to the Rams by a score of 54-51, but Mahomes passed for 478 yards and six touchdowns. 

The Chiefs quarterback’s game-worn jersey ended up netting a whopping $36,150 during the recent auction. As noted in a tweet from Darren Rovell, proceeds from the jersey’s sale will all go to charity, with California Wild Fire Relief having been designated.

Setting aside the absurdity that someone actually has the kind of money where he or she can blow over 35 grand on a game-worn jersey, the fact that the proceeds are helping those impacted by the wildfires that have ravaged California obviously makes it money well spent.

Given how two NFL quarterbacks previously have done one thing or another to assist in wildfire relief, the notion that another signal-caller — not to mention MVP frontrunner — tangentially contributed to assisting the cause certainly makes for another inspiring story.