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Bitter Vikings fan blasts team with great Craigslist ad

The Minnesota Vikings laid yet another egg in primetime with an offensively listless performance Monday night in a 21-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The setback was the Vikings’ latest stumble in front of a national television audience — of which there have been several this season — and one embittered fan evidently has had his fill.

Utilizing a scathing “ad” on Craigslist, the disgruntled Vikings backer blasted the team for its underwhelming play for much of the season, one that began with Super Bowl aspirations that have been leveled amid a 6-6-1 campaign.

The Craigslist ad places U.S. Bank Stadium up “for sale” at the price of $1 billion, which was the price tag of the impressive Vikings home that opened in 2016. It also takes a shot at $84 million quarterback Kirk Cousins.

For Sale: Lightly used $1,000,000,000 stadium. Occupant has been a team that only has success in breaking the hearts of the fans. Long history of collecting talent with no ideas on how to use them.

Included: $84 million QB who can’t win against teams with winning records, and is 0-7 on MNF. A league record!

All reasonable offers considered. Will even entertain ideas to convert to a homeless shelter, as there is a greater chance of one of those folk becoming a success.

Much of the hand-wringing in the wake of the Vikings’ uninspired loss in Seattle has been focused upon embattled offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, who was fired Tuesday morning

Before his unceremonious and sudden ouster, the first-year Vikings O.C.  — who has been under fire from head coach Mike Zimmer for weeks — was mocked and ridiculed in his Wikipedia entry.

The Vikings without question have been among the bigger disappointments of the 2018 NFL season. With DeFilippo shown the door, perhaps the team can turn it around on offense in the final three weeks of the season, as FiveThirtyEight still gives the Vikings a 57 percent chance to reach the postseason.