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Pete Carroll hopes Seahawks fans rally around Seattle’s XFL team

Pete Carroll does not appear worried in the least about another pro football team coming to Seattle and ruining the Seahawks’ great vibe with their devoted fans. In fact, Carroll is welcoming the incoming interlopers with open arms, and hopes the Seahawks’ “12th Man” does so as well.

Seattle was named as one of the eight cities that will boast an XFL team starting in 2020. The Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field, incidentally, will serve as the stadium host of Seattle’s squad in Vince McMahon’s rebooted professional football league.

Carroll sees no reason why the Seahawks and Seattle’s new XFL team can’t coexist. Actually, Carroll, believes the league’s presence could even benefit the Seahawks.

“Our fans go crazy, so I hope that they’ll really enjoy it and embrace it,” Carroll said. “And the fact that that would be here in town, I would love to have that, to watch guys, see guys develop and all that kind of stuff.”

Despite the positive outlook, Carroll could not help but make a wisecrack about the XFL’s previously quirky, offbeat and novel approach to football.

“I don’t know the makeup of the XFL games at this point,” Carroll said. “Is this the XFL that’s the — they’re not wearing the thorns on their helmets and stuff like that, right?”

It’s anyone’s guess at this point whether the XFL will enjoy success or if it is doomed to fail, as the first incarnation of McMahon’s effort to rival the NFL did years ago.