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Jerry Jones weighs in on how Jason Garrett can achieve job security

Jason Garrett seems to be perpetually coaching for his job. Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has a sure-fire suggestion for how the frequently embattled head coach can end all the criticism, naysaying and uncertainty once and for all.

“We got to get some playoff wins. Jason needs a championship. We all do. Our fans do,” Jones said Friday as part of a long-winded commentary on KRLD-FM 105.3 The Fan, as transcribed by The Dallas Morning News. “We get that done and you’re going to be shocked at all of a sudden his record of coaching and his coaching qualities, all of a sudden become the most-noted thing about him, not lack thereof of playoff victories.”

As has often been the case throughout his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, there has been plenty of speculation this season about Garrett’s job security. In fact, before the Cowboys rattled off four straight wins following a 3-5 start to take the lead in the NFC East, plenty of pundits believed Garrett would be given the red slip at season’s end.

Even Jones himself has seemed uncertain of Garrett’s future at times this season, with the oft-impulsive owner downplaying a report that an extension was actually in the offing for the then-beleaguered head coach.

Jones was informed during the radio interview that Garrett has 29 victories over the past three seasons, which is the most for any NFC head coach over that span. 

“I hang on every positive,” Jones said. “I don’t see the terminal aspect of every negative. I don’t see that,” Jones said. 

The Cowboys (7-5) are in prime position to stake a solid claim on an NFC East title in Week 14. A win over the suddenly surging Eagles (6-6) would give Dallas a two-game lead with only three games to go.

The Cowboys seem ready and eager for Sunday’s challenge. Perhaps this is the year that Garrett finally leads the Cowboys on a run in the postseason, thereby following through on Jones’ theory on how to quiet the critics.