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Bills offer fans free ticket in exchange for shoveling out stadium

The Buffalo Bills have again been confronted with the headache of dealing with a snowed-in stadium ahead of gameday, so the team is offering up a free ticket and more for fans willing to help shovel out New Era Field.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that the Bills have called upon devoted fans to arm themselves with shovels to scoop out the snow at their Western New York stadium.

The team will be paying volunteers $12/hour for their work, a $1 raise from last year. That’s on top of the free ticket, an award that is dependent upon performing four hours of work. Further, fans will be provided meal breaks, although it’s not clear if the Bills will be providing the food. The team will also provide a shovel should volunteers not bring one of their own.

NFL teams with outdoor stadiums in northern climes asking for fans’ assistance to deal with snowy conditions due to inclement wintry weather certainly is not novel. The Green Bay Packers often do the same thing when the “Frozen Tundra” of Lambeau Field gets hit with a snowstorm.

It goes without saying there will be countless members of Bills Mafia open to the team’s request. Shoveling some snow will serve as a perfect prelude to their notoriously outrageous pregame antics ahead of Sunday’s showdown with the New York Jets.