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LeBron James shrugs off Kevin Durant comments, recent chatter

LeBron James led the Los Angeles Lakers to a fourth win in a row with a 42-point outburst, including 20 in the fourth quarter, with Wednesday’s 121-113 victory over the San Antonio Spurs. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the last thing he wanted to talk about afterward were issues beyond the game, including some pointed commentary from Kevin Durant.

James’ role with the Lakers became a topic of discussion this week, with the likes of Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson addressing whether the Lakers star is being asked to do too much for the developing team.

JamesĀ previously downplayed such a notion, and when asked about it after Wednesday’s big win, again shrugged it off.

“No, for what? I’m past the [taking things] personal stage,” James said, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “I can do whatever. I can have a huge workload, I can have a not so huge workload. … It doesn’t matter for me. What’s most important is seeing my teammates make huge shots in the fourth quarter. … That’s what’s most important to me. I can care less about the narrative about me. It doesn’t matter. I’m a staple in this game.”

Perhaps the most intriguing development this week came courtesy of Durant, who argued the media plays a huge role in fostering a “toxic” environment around James. The Golden State Warriors superstar argued it could cause top-tier free agents to steer clear of the Lakers this coming offseason.

When asked about Durant’s thoughts, James declined to comment.

“I would love to see the whole transcript of what was asked of him, the context it was asked of him, why it was asked and the whole thing,” James said. “So I’m not gonna comment on it because I don’t know the whole thing. That would be stupid on my part. I’m a veteran.”

James obviously knows how to handle the media, and is far too savvy to get caught up in some kind of war of words with another star player. Odds are James has an opinion on what Durant had to say. He’s just not going to air it publicly.