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Aaron Rodgers reacts to fired Packers assistant coach’s controversial tweet

Aaron Rodgers was singled out in a controversial tweet this week by outside linebackers coach and associate head coach Winston Moss, who has since been let go by the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers reacted to the pointed comment from Moss by arguing no one on the team holds themselves more accountable than he does.

Moss fired off a tweet on Tuesday in the wake of the Packers parting ways with longtime head coach Mike McCarthy. In the social media missive, Moss questioned team leadership while singling out Rodgers, arguing the onus is on the next head coach to hold Rodgers as accountable as any other player on the roster.

Rodgers, whose seemingly deteriorating relationship with McCarthy is believed to have played some role in the coaching change, reacted to Moss’ pointed comments while discussing the state of the Packers with ESPN’s Rob Demovsky.

“There’s nobody that holds me more accountable than myself,” Rodgers said. “I mean, I’m always checking myself on my preparation habits and my practice habits and my mindset, but there’s always been a great deal of accountability under Mike’s program for the last 13 years.

“There’s consequences for actions that are outside of what’s in the best interest of the team, and there’s never been — I used to always tell him, I said, ‘Hey, if you need to call on somebody in the meeting to let everybody know we’re all on equal playing field, call on me first. Call me out.’ Just so everybody knows nobody is off limits, we’re holding everybody to the same standard. And I feel that’s the way it always was.”

The timing of Moss’ firing led to the assumption that the Packers cut him loose solely for the tweet. Packers interim head coach Joe Philbin insisted Wednesday that was not the case.

Whether other factors played into Moss’ dismissal or not, publicly calling out the team’s best and most important player certainly was not the best move, especially given how Rodgers — while not expected to be actively involved in the decision — will nevertheless play a huge role in determining the Packers’ next head coach.