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Watch: Draymond Green trolls Cavs over The Q’s new locker rooms

The Golden State Warriors are in Cleveland for a showdown with the Cavaliers Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Arena. It marks the first time the Warriors have been in The Q since the team swept the then-LeBron James-led Cavs out of the NBA Finals earlier this year.

Much of course has changed with the Cavaliers since the last time the Warriors were in Cleveland, and Draymond Green immediately noticed something different about the arena. To top it off, Green’s observation turned out to be a brutal troll-job in the end.

Green points out in footage posted to Twitter by Bleacher Report that the Cavaliers have renovated the locker room facilities in The Q, and lays it on thick by pointing out the visitors’ locker room no longer smells of champagne spilled in championship revelry.

“Aww man, these people gone change the locker room up in Cleveland. They must couldn’t get that champagne smell off, huh 30?” Green observes in a Snapchat while mentioning teammate Stephen Curry.

Green has been on a roll since landing in Cleveland this week. Making note of his familiarity with downtown eatery Morton’s given four consecutive meetings in the Finals between Golden State and Cleveland, Green took another shot at the Cavaliers.

“Feel like I spent half my Cleveland life at Morton’s at this point,” Green told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “We had good times, great food, great championship parties. I think the people at Morton’s like us more than they like the Cavs.”

Green has not been the only Warriors player seizing upon the team’s visit to Cleveland to rip the Cavaliers. Klay Thompson also called the Cavaliers “idiots” over how the team trolled the Warriors after Cleveland stormed back from a 3-1 deficit to take the 2016 NBA Finals.

It may be a different era in Cleveland with James gone, but Golden State remembers all.