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Watch: Steelers fan assaults pregnant Chargers fan in stands

Disturbing footage has emerged showing a currently unidentified Pittsburgh Steelers fan putting his hands on a pregnant Los Angeles Chargers fan in the stands at Heinz Field during Sunday night’s game.

The footage of the incident, courtesy of Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV, shows how the man, wearing a Steelers jersey, gets into an altercation with a male Chargers fan. When the woman attempts to intervene, the Steelers fan puts his hands around her throat.

According to a report from the Pittsburgh Current, the two Chargers fans are from San Diego.

The male Chargers fan, Daniel Minshew, is the husband of the 26-year-old woman, who is said to be six months pregnant. Minshew indicated to the Pittsburgh Current he intends to involve the authorities.

“I plan on calling police officials today about filing criminal charges, my wife and I attend several road games annually and I myself have been to approximately a dozen away games and have never experienced anything like we did Sunday night,” Minshew said of Sunday’s incident.

WTAE reporter Beau Berman has since indicated Pittsburgh authorities are presently investigating the matter.

The couple indicated the Steelers fan yelled at them and told them to sit down prior to the incident.

This was not the only reported occasion of fan violence in the stands during the Steelers’ 33-30 home loss to the Chargers. An altercation between two Steelers fans was also caught on video, and the footage shows one of the fans viciously head-butting the other one.