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Tom Brady reaches out to fan who lost home in wildfires but saved No. 12 jersey

Tom Brady recently reached out to a New England Patriots fan who managed to save his No. 12 New England Patriots jersey despite losing his home in the California wildfires.

Christian Holland took to Instagram shortly after the Camp Fire blazes reduced his home in Paradise, Calif., to ruins to show how the only item he was able to save was his Brady jersey.

“The only thing I grabbed out of my house on the morning of November 8 as The Camp Fire in Paradise, CA consumed the entire town, was my Tom Brady #12 Game Jersey! I lost everything … (GO PATRIOTS),” a post from Holland read.

Brady somehow got word of Holland’s situation and posted his own message on Instagram — which included images from Holland’s original posts which featured him holding up the Brady jersey while wearing a surgical mask  as well as his burned-down home — to offer his condolences.

Brady also expressed hope that he could to do one small thing to lift Holland’s spirits.

So many heart wrenching stories of loss from my home state,” Brady wrote in the post. “… but you’re crazy Christian! Can anyone get me an address to send a ball to go with the jersey?”

Brady later noted with the help of social media, he was able to track down an address where Holland could be reached.

The naysayers and cynics probably will choose to rip Brady, arguing the California native could do a lot more to help out Holland given his wealth and influence. After all, look at what one of Brady’s fellow NFL quarterbacks has pledged to do in the aftermath of the wildfires that have devastated California.

Still, Brady could have just as well done nothing and no one would have likely noticed. Brady’s gesture, however small when compared to the scale of Holland’s heartbreaking plight, probably made a huge difference to the man.