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Watch: Von Miller imitates Bill Belichick with ‘On to Cincinnati’ presser

Von Miller performed a solidly impressive Bill Belichick impression by repeatedly saying the line “On to Cincinnati” during his Monday press conference, a nod to both the New England Patriots head coach’s infamous presser performance and the Denver Broncos’ upcoming opponent.

The Broncos are coming off an impressive 24-17 home win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sitting at 5-6, Denver again has a must-win game up next on its schedule if the team hopes to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, as the squad travels to Paul Brown Stadium for a showdown with the reeling Bengals.

Miller, clearly having fun playing the Belichickian media card, incorporated “On to Cincinnati” in response to media inquiries, seven times in all.

A transcript of Miller’s comments follows, courtesy of The Athletic’s Jay Morrison.

The fact that Miller was wearing a hoodie, not to mention his nearly emotionless delivery, topped off his top-notch Belichick impersonation.

Belichick originally spawned the monotone mantra in the wake of a blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014. It has since been copied and co-opted and riffed upon several times by various NFL personalities. The case can be made, though, that Miller’s version is the best one yet given his complete commitment to the bit.