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NY Daily News shades Rob Gronkowski with Weekend at Bernie’s-inspired cover

Rob Gronkowski has not been at his best this season, prompting speculation that perhaps the New England Patriots tight end’s best days may be behind him. The New York Daily News, as they are wont to do — used their frequently sardonic back page covers to shade Gronk with a “Weekend at Bernie’s”-inspired cover.

The reference to the 1989 film, which chronicles the travails of two dunderheads who happen upon their boss’s dead body and attempt to make his corpse appear lifelike over a disastrous weekend — inspiring cringeworthy pratfalls and shenanigans — shows Gronkowski being propped up by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

The headline? “Weak End at Gronkie’s.” Of course, Corpse Gronk is rocking Bernie-like shades.

The back-cover shenanigans from the Daily News serve as promotion for Manish Mehta’s brutal takedown of Gronkowski contained inside the tabloid. The piece states the case in the headline that Gronkowski is a “shell of his former self and his Patriot days are numbered.”

Mehta opines in the column that the once feared tight end is “decrepit version of his former indestructible self, a beaten and battered prized fighter who looks sad and lost.”

The New York tabloid’s focus on Gronkowski and the Patriots is inspired by the team’s showdown with the local Jets squad on Sunday.

The case can be arguably made that a litany injuries have robbed Gronkowski of some of his dominance, especially this season.  Limited to appearing in only seven of the Patriots’ 10 games, Gronkowski has 29 receptions for 448 yards and only one touchdown in those games.

The Patriots expect Gronkowski to play against the Jets on Sunday after missing three of the past four games due to a nagging back injury. Perhaps the Daily News’ mock and ridicule inspired by a dated pop culture reference will motivate Gronkowski to put up monster numbers. Then again, odds are Gronk won’t even catch wind of the “Weak End at Gronkie’s” slight in the first place.