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Steelers reveal fate of Le’Veon Bell belongings after locker room raid

The fate of Le’Veon Bell’s belongings has been revealed after the members of the Pittsburgh Steelers raided his locker on Wednesday. And what happened to Bell’s property was not nearly as sinister as it appeared.

Footage of the scene posted to Twitter by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler showed Steelers players plundering Bell’s belongings — miscellaneous gear, shirts, mixtape CDs and the like — after removing the nameplate above the locker.. Reports suggested that Bell’s property was being divvied up amongst his presumably soon-to-be ex-teammates.

Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree was shown in the video holding a couple of pairs of Bell’s cleats and saying, “Appreciate the cleats, my guy. I wish you success, my guy.”

It turns out most of Bell’s property was packed up and placed in the back of team headquarters. Team captain Maurkice Pouncey indicated Bell’s belongings will be shipped to him, as is the custom in such situations, even if the Le’Veon Bell saga was anything near the norm.

Bell failed to show up to sign his $14.5 million franchise tender this week and will not play this season — or probably ever again — with the team.

Steelers cornerback Mike Hilton admitted the act of raiding Bell’s locker had some therapeutic value.

“Everybody was tired of talking about it and wondering when he was going to show up or not,” Hilton said, via ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. “[You’d see the locker] and think, OK, maybe he’s going to show up. Now it’s all understood, and everybody can really get past it.”

Steelers guard David DeCastro was somewhat ambivalent in his remarks about how the protracted Bell drama has come to a close.

“It’s a team sport and a business. It’s tough. You can see both sides,” DeCastro said. “No one’s really wrong or right. That’s what’s really tough. I wish Le’Veon all the best, and I hope he gets all the money he can.”

Between the locker room raid and disgruntled Steelers fans torching his jerseys in acts of protest, it would appear that Bell has burned every bridge in and out of Pittsburgh. It’s time to move on.