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Jim Boeheim’s son has last name misspelled on his Syracuse jersey

Jim Boehmeim’s son Buddy is freshman guard on his Syracuse Orange squad. One would think the school would know how to spell the last name of the head coach who is an unparalleled icon of the Syracuse men’s basketball program given he’s led it since 1976, winning a national championship in 2003.

That was not the case on Thursday night, as the jersey of Buddy Boeheim had the family’s last name spelled “Boheim” on his No. 35 jersey for Syracuse’s game at the 2K Empire Classic at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Making matters worse, the jerseys were provided by the school, according to Syracuse officials.

“Not a rational ,” Syracuse spokesman Pete Moore told ESPN. “The event did not supply it.”

Boeheim’s name obviously is synonymous with Syracuse basketball so such a misspelling without question is an egregious error. That said, mistakes do happen and it’s not likely to happen ever again. Syracuse basketball presumably will make sure of it. If not, Coach Boeheim most certainly will.