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J.R. Smith pays up $600 to resolve ‘Cellphone-gate’

J.R. Smith paid nearly $600 on Thursday in New York to settle a case his attorney, Alex Spiro, referred to as “Cellphone-gate” at a hearing in October, reports the New York Post.

By paying $597.72, Smith received an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which means charges for fourth-degree criminal mischief will be dropped, so long as the Cleveland Cavaliers star satisfies certain conditions, such as staying out of trouble.

Conditions were originally set to resolve the matter in October. The confrontation between Smith and a fan occurred on July 26 outside The Park, a popular hotspot in Chelsea. The alleged incident reportedly escalated when the fan, a 20-year-old Pennsylvania man, attempted to snap a photograph of Smith on his phone. The man then contacted police to file a complaint against Smith using another individual’s phone.

The $597.72 restitution payment is to replace the man’s damaged iPhone 6S.

“The case is dismissed. He’s going to Cleveland,” Spiro said at Manhattan criminal court.