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Danica Patrick: Aaron Rodgers landed date with ‘Dumb & Dumber’ references

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are still going strong after making their relationship official all the way back in January. While the couple kept things under wraps for some time, preferring to maintain some privacy in their private lives, the two have since been more inclined to open up about their whirlwind romance.

The latest nugget revealed about their relationship came courtesy of Patrick, who revealed during a Q&A session following a motivational speech on Wednesday in North Dakota how the Green Bay Packers quarterback convinced her to take a chance on him.

And Rodgers’ ace in the hole? “Dumb & Dumber” references, of course.

“He was at the bar, puttin’ out the vibe — ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ you know?” Danica says, via TMZ Sports.

“And, I remember he was doing movie lines! And, people that love movie lines, LOVE movie lines. So, I think we had a dialogue in movie lines, and I was like, ‘This guy is really funny!'”

So, if we are to believe Patrick on how Rodgers was able to woo her into a date, it all started with him pulling off this kind of look…

… absent Lloyd Christmas’ outrageously orange tuxedo, of course.

And then, a few lines from the classic comedy and bingo bango, a date was secured. Talk about romance. Although it cannot be understated just how lucky Rodgers must count himself to find a soulmate who finds such silly humor hilarious.

What’s more impressive is Rodgers’ “Dumber & Dumber” seduction technique occurred at the ESPYs all the way back in 2012, where the two first met. Only half a decade later, Rodgers and Patrick began their courtship. Perhaps Patrick told Rodgers at the time it was a million-to-one shot the two would ever date and Rodgers took it that she was telling him there was a chance.