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Patrick Mahomes killed on ‘Fortnite’ by someone wearing his jersey

Patrick Mahomes has been an absolute revelation and without question is among the top players in the NFL this season. One would think the Kansas City Chiefs young superstar quarterback would be able to kick back and relax with some video game action without being exposed to an entirely strange situation.

That was unfortunately the case for Mahomes this week when settling in to play a little “Fortnite.” It turns out that Mahomes was taken out in the massively popular game by someone using him as an avatar. Well, more accurately, a character regaled in his No. 15 Chiefs jersey.

Mahomes made note of the quasi-existential oddness of the situation in a tweet.

Adding a layer to the bizarre narrative is how Mahomes’ own teammate, Tyreek Hill, claimed to be the gamer who used the Mahomes jersey-wearing doppelgänger to thwart the real-life superstar quarterback.

To which Mahomes responded:

Whether or not it was in fact Hill who was behind it all has not been confirmed. Although such a situation could have never arisen had it not been for a partnership between the NFL and “Fortnite” that allowed gamers to purchase jerseys of all 32 NFL teams and do as they please … with less-than-admirable results, to put it mildly.

That is perhaps why NFL jersey skins have since been removed from the “Fortnite” in-game store, after less than a week of availability. Gamers who have previously purchased said skins can continue to use them, though.

That of course means Mahomes and other NFL players hooked on “Fortnite” may not be able to avoid the bizarre experience of having their virtual selves, as it were, take them out.

What a weird world.