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Marco Rubio panned on Twitter for calling field goal a ‘3 pt kick’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to weigh in on the divisive recount issue that has caused Florida to descend into political chaos and partisan bickering.

While doing so, Senator Rubio attempted to equate the machinations of the recount currently proceeding following the midterm elections to an NFL field goal … and whiffed horribly, at least according to those individuals who mocked and ridiculed him for the odd reference.

In the leadoff to a four-tweet commentary, Rubio referred to a field goal in the NFL as a “3 pt kick.”

Twitter not surprisingly had a field day with Rubio over the odd manner of describing a field goal. A sample of the reactions, as curated by Yahoo Sports.

Football fans, and presumably others as well, obviously knew exactly what Rubio was getting at with his field goal analogy. But “3 pt kick” arguably is amusing, regardless of one’s personal political persuasions.

To further expand on Rubio’s thoughts using his terminology, one could say he played the role of Charlie Brown and his efforts to drive one through the uprights was foiled by Lucy pulling the ball away at the last second on his “3 pt kick.”