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LeBron James on Warriors drama: ‘I can’t comment on that, and I won’t’

LeBron James on Wednesday opted not to delve too deeply into the drama surrounding an on-court conflict between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant that has caused the Golden State Warriors organization to descend into some semblance of disarray.

James, who was watching the Warriors-Clippers game when the Green-Durant dust-up occurred, was asked about whether he has ever experienced such a confrontation.

“I have no idea what happened. I was actually watching the game and I saw them get into the altercation on the bench but I have no idea what happened after that,” James told reporters at Wednesday’s shootaround, via Lakers Nation.

James knows all too well about the pressures superteams can face. While wins can come easy at times given overwhelming talent, the competing personalities and their respective egos and motivations can foster an occasionally uneasy environment.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar nevertheless stressed in his comments that outsiders have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors. Because of that, it’s not appropriate for anyone outside the Warriors organization to hypothesize about the source of the contention and conflict.

“None of us know; it’s all speculation,” James said. “I am not one to comment on what happened when I’m not there.

“… I can’t comment on that, and I won’t. That is between those guys. I think it’s unfair everyone wants to have a comment on something they just don’t really know about.”

The days-long drama spawned by the incident involving Green and Durant — not to mention its aftermath in the locker room — has been the NBA’s biggest story this week, to no surprise.

The ins and outs of the drama — and its potential fallout — has been examined to an amazing degree, although Durant wanted no part in addressing it publicly during a standoffish press conference on Tuesday.

It’s hardly a shock that reporters wanted to know what James’ thoughts were on the issue. That does not mean he was obliged to express them.