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Draymond Green’s mom lights up Twitter to defend her son

Draymond Green sat out Tuesday’s 110-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks as punishment for his role in a dust-up involving himself and Golden State Warriors teammate Kevin Durant.

As has been the case in the past when Green finds himself on the wrong side of the situation while bearing the brunt of criticism for perceived Warriors’ woes — fairly or not — his mother, Mary Babers, surfaced on Twitter to passionately defend her son.

The flare-up between Green and Durant — not to mention the continued fallout in the locker room after Monday’s overtime loss to the Clippers — stemmed from an on-court confrontation. Tempers erupted and Green and Durant had to be separated in the team huddle, during which the former allegedly hurled expletives at the latter before the Warriors returned to the court for overtime.

In her tweets Tuesday night, Babers specifically took issue with how her son was being criticized for failing to pass the ball to Durant as he took it up the court, only to lose possession of the ball, at the end of regulation. The way she sees it, Durant should have made himself more available for a pass.

Babers also took time to take on the haters who were bashing her son.

Babers has become infamous for going on Twitter rants when it comes to her son and the Warriors. It was just last season that she took to social media to shade Durant during the Western Conference Finals, which is quite interesting as her tweeted dispatches are again related to her son’s enigmatic teammate.

All that said, it’s clear that the Warriors have a mess on their hands, regardless of how Green’s mom sees things. Durant did nothing to alleviate the tension with his standoffish postgame presser following Tuesday’s win over the Hawks, either.

What’s worse, the prevailing belief at this point is that Durant and the Warriors may have reached a point of no return and he’s as good as gone after the season. Whether or not the Warriors can ride out this situation will be one of the more provocative storylines of this NBA season.