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Watch: Disgruntled Steelers fans begin burning Le’Veon Bell jerseys

Le’Veon Bell will not play with the Pittsburgh Steelers this season after failing to show up Tuesday to sign his $14.5 million franchise tender. And for all practical purposes, Bell is not expected to play another game in a Steelers uniform.

In light of the Tuesday’s developments, while somewhat anticipated, the patented rite of disgruntled fans burning the jersey of the player that spurned their beloved team has now began.

A couple of videos have already surfaced on the Internet in which Bell jerseys are torched, with one being quite incendiary and the other being somewhat … underwhelming.

What the above video boasted in dazzling pyrotechnics the below footage of another Steelers backer burning his Bell jersey has in length and dripping sarcasm.

The case can be made that it’s somewhat foolish to burn a jersey in such a manner when it could still serve a purpose by being donated to charity. That said, for Steelers fans who want to burn a Bell jersey but don’t own one and would prefer not to plunk down a bunch of money just to stage a fiery protest, there is good news.

The Pittsburgh Fan, an apparel and memorabilia store located across from PNC Park, home of the Pirates, issued a tweet Tuesday evening in which it’s noted it will be selling Bell jerseys at $40 a pop.

Flame on. Or not. Either way, with the season’s Le’Veon Bell Saga now over, it’s time for Steeler Nation to move on, presumably with some sense of closure, as well. It can be argued that closure rife with bitterness and tainted by a sense of betrayal is better than no closure at all.