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Disgruntled seven-year-old Cowboys fan writes scathing letter to Jerry Jones

A disgruntled seven-year-old Dallas Cowboys fan was left so frustrated by Monday night’s ugly loss to the Tennessee Titans that he put pen to paper to write a letter to Jerry Jones to air his grievances about the reeling team’s struggles.

Rylan Wood was taking in the Cowboys’ latest setback on Monday night and could not take it anymore, according to his mother, Kayla Jimenez.

“He told me if the Cowboys lose, ‘I really want to write a letter,’” Jimenez told Dallas’ WFAA. “So I was like, ‘OK.’”

The game ended after Wood’s bedtime, so his mom had to give him the bad news on Tuesday morning.

“The first thing he asked me when he woke up was, ‘Did we win?’” Jimenez told WFAA.“When I told him no, he said, ‘OK, I’m writing this letter after school.’”

To say the second-grader, with a little bit of help from his mother, absolutely unloaded on the Cowboys would be an understatement. That typically is the case when the phrase “WE SUCK” — in all caps — is utilized in a scathing correspondence, one that also mentions “Coach Garrett” in quotes.

Dear Mr. Jones,

My name is Rylan Wood. I am a 7-year-old 2nd grade student in Mansfield, Texas. My family has been Dallas Cowboys fans since the team was started. I have a lot of Cowboy gear and I have met ‘Zeke, Taco, Jason Witten and two other players who play on other teams.

You have made my mom very mad because WE SUCK! Every game day she is yelling at the TV and turns off the game. We are wanting to believe in the boys but its hard. I hope “Coach Garrett” is clapping if this letter gets to you. See what happens when Dez X is gone?? The cheerleaders are better than the team this year. I do not want to hurt your feelings.

Thank you, Rylan

Ouch. That’s some scathing commentary. Also, Troy Aikman probably agrees.

One can reasonably assume young Rylan speaks for most Cowboys fans, although odds are adults may have peppered their correspondence with much more colorful language.