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Watch: Alex Bregman leaves struggling server a $500 tip

Alex Bregman utilized his new YouTube channel to document how he recently helped out a Houston-area server down on her luck by leaving her a $500 tip.

The seven-minute video, posted Wednesday, showcases the scene, wherein the Houston Astros star is shown preparing for the moment, even calling the establishment ahead of time to ensure that the most deserving staffer received the generous gratuity.

It turns out the server had some recent bad luck due to her car getting broken into after recently moving out on her own and trying to go to school full-time.

The plan was for Bregman, along with some pals, to sit down, make small talk, order some beverages and depart quickly due to a phone call after leaving half a grand on the table on the minuscule tab. The party then waited outside, where they were later greeted by the woman, who was left in tears over the thoughtful act.

The actual moment when the server meets up with Bregman occurs just after the five-minute mark of the video.

“We wanted to do some things that would help some people out, especially here in the Houston community, a community that’s done so much for myself…,” Bregman, who said he was “nervous” while executing the plan, says in the video, as transcribed by Yahoo Sports. “I think it’s a good deed, and I think when you’re an athlete or someone who has the platform that we have, I feel like it’s important to give back and really use that platform in the right way.”