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Watch: Ian Rapoport’s son crashes dad’s NFL Network appearance

Ian Rapoport’s son took advantage of being home sick from school to net some nationally televised airtime during his dad’s appearance Wednesday on NFL Network.

Rapoport was making one of his several daily appearances on the NFL Network’s airwaves while appearing on a panel to discuss Dez Bryant finally landing a job after agreeing to terms on a one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints. Rapoport’s young son Jude just happened to stroll into the room where the NFL Media insider was doing a remote report from his homeĀ at the perfect time.

Rapoport initially just tries to roll with it and shoo Jude off but instead opted to prop the little guy up on to his lap during the segment. Rapoport even tweeted out video of the scene making light of the situation.

Kudos to Rapoport for balance daddy duties with work. It can be a tough challenge to navigate but Rapoport certainly pulled it off, even if little Jude was more interested in sticking his tongue out repeatedly instead of listening to his dad’s break down the Bryant deal.