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NFL insider ‘would be shocked’ if John Harbaugh is back with Ravens next season

John Harbaugh finds himself on the proverbial head-coaching hot seat after overseeing the Baltimore Ravens’ current-three game slide. With the reeling Ravens sitting at 4-5, NFL insider Jason La Canfora cannot envision a scenario where Harbaugh leads the team on a dramatic turnaround in the season’s last seven games.

In light of this dreary outlook, La Canfora predicts Harbaugh will not do enough to save his job and won’t return as Ravens head coach next season.

“I would be shocked if John Harbaugh would be back. I said as much before the season, because I thought they were going to go 8-8 like they always do,” La Cafora said, as transcribed by CBS Sports. “And that’s not going to be good enough, and Harbaugh and [assistant GM Eric] DeCosta … I don’t know anybody in that organization who’s thinks that’s gonna work for five or 10 years. So if you’re hitting the reboot and you’re taking the quarterback, I think the odds were always drastically against Harbaugh.

“We talked about this last year, it was about this time last year, theĀ PackersĀ and Ravens should trade coaches. Because neither of those coaches is doing a baloney one-year extension again. And it’s all coming to a head after 2018 because neither of these teams are as good as people think they are, and both these coaches are going to be lame ducks in 2019 and they’re going to walk out the door and that’s what’s going to happen.”

Harbaugh, now in his 11th season with the Ravens, addressed the uncertainty over his job security head-on earlier this week, saying such speculation comes with the territory when a team is not winning. As La Canfora notes in his comments, the Ravens have posted a 44-45 record since beating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

While boasting a championship pedigree certainly affords a coach some leniency, the Ravens are not getting it done with Harbaugh at the helm in recent seasons. It stands to reason that a postseason berth may be the only thing that can save Harbaugh’s job at this point.