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Kevin Love aspires to purpose ‘for the greater good’ beyond basketball

Kevin Love recently addressed how he envisions life after the NBA, specifically related to how his experiences over the past year have opened him up to a greater purpose in life beyond basketball.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward suffered a panic attack on Nov. 5 in the locker room and later penned a powerful essay for The Players’ Tribune about the incident and its aftermath. Love subsequently sought mental health treatment in the wake of the panic attack.

Love also later shared his experiences in a provocative piece by ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan detailing the NBA’s approach to addressing mental health issues affecting the league.

In light of his candid admission and the overwhelmingly positive response to it, Love realizes there’s so much more he can offer beyond showcasing his talents on the court.

“I feel like I have a purpose, for the greater good,” Love shared recently with The Athletic’s Joe Vardon. “For the first 10 years, for better or worse, that’s what I felt like for basketball. Learning what I needed to learn. Now I’m just starting to work on myself off the court. That’s going to lead to helping people and paying it forward. I think it is good to be busier when you’re working, putting the same time into things that are super valuable.”

Love, currently on the shelf following surgery that is expected to sideline him up to six weeks, clearly feels a responsibility to use his platform to help destigmatize mental health issues. Much has occurred in his life over the past 12 months, both on and off the court, that has given him a newfound perspective and motivated him to aspire to be more than just a basketball player.