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Jamal Murray: Kyrie Irving’s outrage ‘just makes me laugh’

Kyrie Irving was not impressed with Jamal Murray’s antics on Monday night, something that the Denver Nuggets star now finds amusing.

Murray initially drew Irving’s ire during the Nuggets’ 115-107 victory when he attempted to eclipse the 50-point mark by firing up a three-pointer at the end of a game in which Murray scored a career-high 48 points. Irving called Murray “thirsty” for the pursuit and had a few other choice words about the situation as well.

Murray, meanwhile, originally apologized to the Celtics over the incident. With some time to reflect more upon it, Murray now sees things a bit differently.

“That’s just makes me laugh,” Murray said Wednesday of Irving’s postgame chatter, via the Denver Post. “I think everybody understood I was trying to go for 50. Everybody understood I was trying to break a record, make history. Not just here but Canadian history as well. I think it was more of an understandable shot. I think he’s a competitor, so obviously he’s going to take it a different way. I think he overreacted. But I’m not gonna sit here and go into a little debate. I’m just going to play basketball and we’re on to the next game.”

Irving’s antics in reaction to Murray’s last-second shot attempt were not limited to words, either. Nuggets staffers wanted to secure the game ball and give it to Murray, but Irving had other plans, instead launching it into the crowd, something that drew a $25,000 fine by from the NBA.

“I think somebody caught it and gave it to a little kid wearing my jersey, so I think that was a great moment,” Murray said at Wednesday’s shootaround. “That’s a lucky kid. He got a ball that’s worth 48 points.”

Murray has since been informed that the young fan wants him to sign the ball. The Nuggets star would be open to offering the youngster other memorabilia in order to procure the ball, but either way is fine with him.

“I’m not really stressing (about the ball),” Murray said. “I think I can repeat that day one game.”