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Bill Belichick: Aaron Rodgers ‘looks healthy to me’

Aaron Rodgers has been battling a knee injury suffered in Week 1 all season. The Green Bay Packers quarterback has nevertheless gutted it out by appearing in all seven games for the 3-3-1 squad.

The injury setback has limited Rodgers in practice and preparation, although there were some encouraging signs on that front this week. Come gameday, though, the veteran signal-caller looks by most appearances no worse for wear, save for the bulky brace on his sprained left knee.

Rodgers and the Packers head to Gillette Stadium for a nationally televised showdown with the New England Patriots on “Sunday Night Football.” Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has watched all the tape on Rodgers, and from his perspective, the Packers signal-caller certainly appears healthy.

“I’d just watch the end of the San Francisco game,” Belichick, who praised Rodgers earlier in the week, said Friday, via NESN. “I think that will take care of that for you. Yeah, he looks healthy to me. If he’s got more left, then that’s even worse, but he’s plenty athletic, is moving well. I mean, they’re having a hard time catching him and tackling him. So, maybe it can get better, I don’t know, but it still looks pretty good.”

Rodgers arguably is somewhat less mobile than when 100 percent healthy, but he’s still putting up monster numbers, completing 61.3 percent of his passes for 2,283 yards. Most impressive, however, is how Rodgers has again done an outstanding job of limiting picks, as he’s thrown 13 touchdowns to only one interception.

Rodgers’ lack of mobility could be playing a role in how he’s fumbled five times this season, losing three, as he’s been unable to elude the rush and slip out of the pocket as masterfully as usual.

Still, as Belichick witnessed in game film, even a slightly gimpy Rodgers is still among the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL.