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J.J. Watt admits wondering whether he’d return to form amid resurgence

J.J. Watt admits to being surprised at his immediate resurgence this season after seeing myriad injuries limit him to only eight games over the past two seasons. The Houston Texans star also harbors no ill will towards doubters who felt his best days were behind him. In fact, Watt wondered the same thing himself.

“I don’t blame anybody who didn’t know if I was going to be the same again because there were times I didn’t know,” Watt said Wednesday, via the Houston Chronicle. “So, I can’t sit here and get too mad at people who thought I might be washed up or thought I might be done because I was sitting in that same boat when I was sitting at home with a cast on my leg and not being able to walk, thinking, ‘Man, will I be the same again?'”

Watt’s return to form includes him putting up Defensive Player of the Year stats. With 30 combined tackles, 13 quarterback hits, eight sacks and four forced fumbles, Watt is relieved to be playing a dominant role again after consecutive seasons marred by injuries, surgeries and grueling rehab.

“It’s always good to be in the mix,” Watt said. “It’s always good to be making plays, whether it’s sacks, TFLs, forced fumbles, anything. It’s always better to be at the top than at the bottom, that’s for sure, especially after the last couple years.”

Perhaps most impressive, Watt feels he’s just getting started.

“I still don’t think I’m there yet,” Watt said. “I still think I’m working and trying to get back there, but it’s been fun to play, it’s been fun to win, it’s been fun to just go out there and make some plays. So, I want to continue to do it and make even more.”

Watt, 29, without question dedicated himself to an impressive degree this past offseason so he would be completely prepared to hit the ground running. Photographs of a musclebound Watt that evoked comparisons to The Incredible Hulk alone showcased the hard work he put in, effort that presently is paying huge dividends.