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Red Sox power through $300K of liquor for second time at Tuesday party

The Boston Red Sox are┬ádefinitely living it up and partying down following the organization’s ninth World Series championship, as members of the 2018 squad for the second time powered through approximately $300,000 of booze during a party on Tuesday night.

The craziest thing about Tuesday’s booze-fueled revelry? It’s the second time the Red Sox have generated such a substantial liquor tab.

TMZ Sports notes in a report that before departing Los Angeles after vanquishing the Dodgers in five games courtesy of Sunday’s 5-1 victory, the Red Sox evidently went through $300K in liquor during a West Coast celebration.

Video obtained by TMX showcases the Red Sox partying with 15-liter bottles of Luc Belaire Luxe, which complemented the 40-plus bottles of traditionally sized champagne bottles.

Red Sox players of course had to rise early Wednesday morning for their World Series parade in Boston. It certainly looked by all appearances that none of the players were suffering from Tuesday night’s celebratory revelry. Perhaps a little hair of the dog put them in a more eager and less muddle-headed mood.