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Patrick Beverley, Russell Westbrook address on-court dust-up

Things got pretty heated between Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook during Tuesday night’s showdown between Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder. Both involved parties not surprisingly offered up some thoughts after the game on the sequence of events that escalated to such a degree police felt compelled to intervene.

The conflict between Beverley and Westbrook was well-chronicled on Twitter, as expected, with the interactions between the two players involving back-and-forth “Rock-A-Bye Baby” taunts and the aforementioned police presence.

Following the Clippers’ 128-110 loss to the Thunder, Beverley addressed his dust-up with Westbrook that resulted in some technical fouls.

“I went for a loose ball. What you think happened?” Beverley said after the game. “Somebody walked to our bench doing all that cappin’ stuff; I don’t know what that is. Walked to our bench doing this, and all that, and things went kind of haywire from there. Two competitors, no one’s going to back down, no one did, two technicals, continue playing.”

Westbrook, meanwhile, explained starting off the “Rock-A-Bye Baby” taunting battle with Beverley.

While the above comment is fantastic, Westbrook arguably summed up the entire situation best — at least from a Thunder perspective — with the following money quote in which he gets the last laugh while not saying anything at all about Beverley.

Fair enough.