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Watch: Matt Patricia criticizes reporter’s posture during bizarre exchange

Matt Patricia was tasked with explaining the Detroit Lions’ decision on Tuesday to trade star wide receiver Golden Tate to the Philadelphia Eagles while meeting with the media on Wednesday. And things got real bizarre real quick.

During the press conference, the first-year head coach for some reason took issue with a reporter’s posture, of all things, during one of the most surreal off-the-field incidents of the NFL season.

The transcript of the odd exchange follows, via the Detroit Free-Press:

Reporter: “Why do you think this move makes your franchise better?”

Patricia: “Ah, well, you know. Do me a favor, just kinda sit up, just like, have a little respect for the process. Every day you come and ask me questions and you’re just kinda like, you know, ‘Gimme this.'”

Reporter: “I’m sitting…”

Patricia: “I’m asking just to be a little respectful in this whole process.”

Scolding a reporter over poor posture obviously is a strange thing to see out of an NFL head coach. Sure, Patricia learned under Bill Belichick, and the curmudgeonly New England Patriots head coach’s disdain for the media is legendary.

That said, odds are Belichick never criticized a reporter in such a manner for such a benign reason. Patricia may be a rookie head coach and perhaps was trying to do his best Belichick impression, but he would have been much better served by busting out a classic Belichickian shrug and annoyed stink eye.