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Eli Manning receives profane encouragement from dad Archie

Eli Manning is in the midst of an awful season amid a nightmare campaign for the New York Giants. Not only is the veteran quarterback shouldering much of the blame for the Giants’ miserable 1-7 record, there are whispers that Manning is all but washed up and the organization ought to move on from him.

Thankfully for the beleaguered, much-maligned Manning, some loyalists remain in his corner, not surprisingly led by members of his family. Heading the charge is Archie Manning, who has long been one of the most vocal supporters of his NFL quarterbacking sons.

The elder Manning of course knows a thing or two about playing on horrible teams, something he experienced during his own NFL career. During a recent discussion about Eli’s struggles, Archie laid it all out on the line when offering encouragement, profanely stating, “It’s f’ing football.”

“I’m as proud of him as I was when they won championships,” he said, via The Athletic. “He’s a pro. It’s football. I always say to some of my close friends, ‘It’s f’ing football.’

“It’s as hard as it gets. This is as hard as it gets in football,” Archie said. “There are two really sour sides of football. Losing is the worst. Being hurt is the other. He’s never been hurt, knock on wood. This is as tough as it gets. I can speak from experience. I went through it.”

Manning without question is experiencing one of the most challenging seasons of his remarkable NFL career. And with that comes uncertainty about his role as the Giants’ starting quarterback, even if the organization appears to have already waved the white flag on the season.

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur could not have been less enthusiastic about the prospects of Manning starting in Week 10 against the San Francisco 49ers following the team’s bye week, saying, “We’ll see” if the veteran is under center on Nov. 12, adding, “I think Eli is our quarterback.”

Hardly a vote of confidence, to say the least. At least Eli still has Archie colorfully offering up encouragement.