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Jerry Jones weighs in on Jason Garrett attending Game 3 of World Series

Jerry Jones on Tuesday weighed in on how Jason Garrett was criticized for attending Game 3 of the World Series in Los Angeles on Friday, saying that there’s nothing wrong with “little bit of respite now and then,” especially given his head coach did so during a bye week.

Cameras captured Garrett seated with country music star Brad Paisley at Dodger Stadium, which prompted former Cowboys coach-turned-NFL on FOX commentator Jimmy Johnson to argue that Garrett’s presence “sends the wrong message” to the team’s fans and players.

The crux of Johnson’s criticism of Garrett is that it is bad optics to have the head coach gallivanting across the country and fraternizing with celebrities when the team is underperforming with a 3-4 record. Jones, however, does not agree with that line of reasoning, defending Garrett’s work ethic while stressing the coach attended the game during the Cowboys’ bye week.

“I’m not associated with anybody who works any harder than Jason Garrett,” Jones said Tuesday morning on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM], as transcribed by The Dallas Morning News. “I can assure you he did have his mind on our team. …We spent good parts of the weekend in conversation regarding this team. …I know where Jason Garrett’s mind is and I know where his work ethic is.

“A little bit of respite now and then as far as a bye week, it is not an issue.”

Jones is absolutely in the right to defend Garett amid Johnson’s criticism, and yet it’s arguably baffling why he had to do so in the first place. Had Garrett attended the game on a Friday ahead of a game on Sunday, sure, some criticism would be justified. That obviously was not the case in this situation.

The criticism of Garrett — not to mention Jones’ having to go to bat for his beleaguered coach — does illustrate, however, the intense scrutiny an NFL head coach is constantly under, especially when things are not going well for their team.

It merits noting that Jones’ defense does not mean Garrett has any semblance of job security at this point, though.