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Bengals rookies pick up nearly $12K tab for annual defensive linemen dinner

A pair of Cincinnati Bengals rookies were on the hook for a nearly $12,000 tab, as tradition dictates, for the team’s annual defensive linemen dinner.

Bengals-centric blog Cincy Jungle tweeted out images from Monday evening’s event, which was held at downtown Cincinnati restaurant Boca.

The tab was definitely drink-heavy, with $10,043.16 coming on cocktails and the like while food only accounted for $1,649.52, which oddly included $66 in candy bars and donuts, as noted by ESPN. All told, rookies Sam Hubbard and Andrew Brown, the players presumed to be responsible for the tab, shelled out $11,692.68 for an evening out for the 10-man crew.

Brown posted an Instagram story showcasing the receipts and can be overheard saying thank you to vet Geno Atkins.

“No, thank you,” Atkins replied. “Shoutout to the rookies.”

While nearly $12,000 split between two people is certainly a lot of money, let’s just say Bengals rookies on the defensive line got off for a pittance, relatively speaking, when compared to some previous rookie night outings in the NFL. Just ask the Dallas Cowboys rookies who were saddled with an absolutely absurd tab a few years back.

Following the lead of the Bengals’ D-line, rookies on the offensive line also treated veterans at their position group to dinner. Evidence of the outing was provided via Twitter by first-round pick Billy Price.

Fellow offensive line rookie Rod Taylor later documented the evening via Instagram. Suffice to say, a grand night was had by one and all when it came to Bengals linemen on both sides of the ball.