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Woman with Rocco Baldelli’s old phone number enjoying odd notoriety

A New England woman discovered last week that she has Rocco Baldelli’s old phone number due to some unexpected text messages, but decided to keep it quiet.

With the Minnesota Twins making it official on Thursday that Baldelli will be the team’s next manager, the woman, Giana Manzi, has decided to start enjoying her newfound, phone number-based notoriety.

It all started on Thursday morning when Manzi, a Boston Red Sox fan, received a text from Matt Diaz, a former major leaguer who co-hosts a show on Sirius XM Radio. Apparently, she reached out and actually got on the air.

“So you have Rocco Baldelli’s old phone?” asked Mike Ferrin, the other co-host, as noted by the Star Tribune.

“Apparently, I do,” she replied.

Manzi closed her sports media debut by reading Diaz’s text message: “This is Matt Diaz. Just talked about you on MLB Network Radio. So pumped for you. The Twins are getting a stud.”

Since her national radio appearance, Manzi has started tweeting about the bizarre situation.

Is a job in New England sports media in the offing for Manzi? Stranger things have happened.