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Kevin Durant, Karl-Anthony Towns ask to be subbed out for far different reasons

Two of the NBA’s bigger stars asked to be subbed out of games during Wednesday night’s on-court action. The motivation behind their respective requests, however, appear to have been inspired by significantly different reasons.

First, Kevin Durant asked to be taken out of the Golden State Warriors’ 144-122 victory over the Washington Wizards. Why? Because, as Durant put it, the Wizards were “weak.”

With the Warriors running away from the Wizards while sporting a 23-point lead early in the fourth quarter, Durant was caught on camera following a huge dunk saying, “Sub me out. I don’t wanna play no more, man” while referring to the Wizards as weak.


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“Sub me out. I don’t wanna play no more, man” -KD called the Wizards weak

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Karl-Anthony Towns, meanwhile, asked to be subbed out of the Minnesota Timberwolves’112-105  road loss to the Toronto Raptors as well. The reason for it could not be more different than Durant’s call.

Towns had just airballed a three-pointer when he motioned to the bench to get him out late in the third quarter.

Towns finished his awful night with 14 points on 5-for-17 shooting (1-for-5 from beyond the arc. Durant, on the other hand, scored 32 points on a night he shot 72 percent from the field. Both Durant and Towns had their reasons for wanting to get off the court. It’s just that Durant came off looking far better than Towns on this night.