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Watch: David Price’s toddler son steals show at postgame presser

David Price further cemented his legacy in Boston Red Sox postseason lore — not to mentioned distanced himself from the reputation of a playoff choker — courtesy of an outstanding performance on the mound in Wednesday night’s 4-2 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 2 of the World Series.

Let’s just say Price’s toddler son, Xavier, seated on his dad’s lap during a postgame press conference, could not have been less interested in hearing about it.

As Price discussed his magnificent outing — two earned runs on three hits with five strikeouts in six innings — the 17-month-old whippersnapper squirmed, fidgeted and otherwise did pretty much everything except sit still.

The little tyke grabbed at the microphone, reached for a Gatorade bottle and tugged on the curtain, making it extremely difficult for Price to field questions from the media.

“You win dude,” Price said, admitting defeat. “Go to Mama.”

Xavier’s presser performance on Wednesday night followed his debut last week following the Red Sox’s Game 5 series-clinching victory in the ALCS. Suffice to say, the little guy just is not into postgame press conferences.

To be fair to Price’s young son, it’s an awful lot to ask out of toddler to sit still for any extended period of time, much less in such an environment. Further, in both situations Xavier was up well past his bedtime. As any parent can attest, that’s a recipe for trouble. Adorable trouble, sure, but trouble nevertheless.

Either way, like Stephen Curry’s adorable daughter Riley before him, a press conference star in born in young Xavier.