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Ben Roethlisberger reacts to Hue Jackson-Todd Haley situation

Ben Roethlisberger knows Todd Haley pretty well as the two spent many years together with the Pittsburgh Steelers in an at-times acrimonious partnership.

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson publicly contemplated possibly reining in Haley’s play-calling duties as offensive coordinator following Sunday’s 26-23 overtime loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Roethlisberger, during a Tuesday appearance on Pittsburgh radio, provided some interesting insight into how his former O.C. probably took the chatter.

“I can’t imagine Coach Todd was too happy with all that talk,” Roethlisberger said, via “I don’t know what he’s going to say to Coach Jackson or the players, things like that.

“Coach Jackson’s right. It’s his team. He has the right to do what he chooses and how he wants to call plays or who calls the plays. That’s up to them to work it out. I’m sure those two have had at least a talk or two behind closed doors.”

As noted, Roethlisberger and Haley did not necessarily see eye-to-eye on several occasions, and the occasionally dysfunctional relationship ultimately led to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin not renewing Haley’s contract after last season.

Roethlisberger’s thoughts on the Jackson-Haley situation come ahead of the Steelers hosting the Browns at Heinz Field next Sunday in a Week 8 divisional match-up. Odds are Roethlisberger will be asked about Haley again before the game given their history. Although it’s a safe bet Big Ben won’t have much more to say about his former coordinator — outside of the benign and innocuous — to supplement his comments on Tuesday.