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Watch: Kirk Cousins pumps up Vikings with fiery pregame speech

Kirk Cousins was responsible for the speech in the pregame huddle ahead of the Minnesota Vikings-Arizona Cardinals game last Sunday. Let’s just say he took the responsibility very, very seriously.

The Vikings signal-caller was mic’d up by NFL Films for the Vikings’ 27-17 Week 6 victory, so his incredibly fiery speech that hinged on unhinged was captured.

“Hey, I got a question for you!” Cousins screams, as transcribed by CBS Sports. “How did you feel after last week’s victory, men? Great, right? That’s because it was earned, men! Nothing in this league is free! Nothing’s a gift! You can’t just roll your helmet out there and play. You gotta go out there every play and earn it. And you gotta take it, men!

” … Defense, I’ve been a rookie quarterback before!” Cousins adds. “You can suffocate him! You can suffocate him! Make him miserable … all game long! Get us the ball back!”

Oof. That was … something. Talk about the passion.

Interestingly, Cousins revealed earlier this week that the speech was an improvised, impromptu performance of sorts. Vikings nose tackle Linval Joseph approached him after warmups and assigned the ritual to Cousins.

“In pregame he looked at me and just pointed and stared at me,” Cousins said, via the Star Tribune. “That was enough for me to know I better bring it.”

And bring it he did. Let’s just say this performance beats the awkward thing Cousins bellowed during a practice over the summer.

Cousins of course became a huge hit back in his days with the Washington Redskins with his now-infamous “YOU LIKE THAT?!?!” postgame exultation following a huge win. Let’s just say Cousins is bringing that same intensity to the Vikings, in pregame speeches and otherwise.