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Peyton Manning to host NFL-themed version of Kobe Bryant’s ‘Detail’

Peyton Manning opted to avoid more traditional avenues to enter into the world of broadcasting by declining to become a color commentator. But the retired NFL icon will nevertheless join the ranks of the so-called talking heads by hosting a pro-football version of Kobe Bryant’s ESPN program “Detail.”

ESPN reports the Manning-hosted show, for which he’ll also receive writing credits, will be edited by NFL films. Manning will lend his legendary football acumen to the program by breaking down film and giving insights perhaps only those of his pedigree can provide.

“I’ve always enjoyed talking football with coaches, players and passionate fans, and that’s at the core of this show,” Manning said in a statement, via ESPN. “I’m honored to help expand Kobe’s Detail to a football audience.”

The first run of the series is slated for eight episodes and will air exclusively on ESPN+. The first installment will premiere Thursday on which Manning will analyze Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen’s Week 6 start against the Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN, meanwhile, also announced that Bryant will return for a second season of the NBA-themed iteration of “Detail.”