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Jimmy Butler will be ‘yelling at people’ if T-Wolves lack intensity in opener

The Jimmy Butler Saga rages on with seemingly no end in sight for the reeling Minnesota Timberwolves organization. Given the disconcerting lack of progress in trading the disgruntled star, Butler will indeed be in the lineup for Wednesday night’s season opener against the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center.

Despite how Butler’s tenure with the Timberwolves could be short-lived — or could go on for an uncomfortably long period of time — the superstar insists he’ll continue in his role of team leader. So much so, in fact, that Butler made it abundantly clear he has no qualms about calling people out if the team lacks intensity on the court against the Spurs.

In other words, Butler’s antics on Wednesday night in essence would be an encore, albeit limited in theatrics, of his infamous antics and outbursts during a chaotic practice last week.

That said, it merits noting that several Timberwolves players went on record to state they would welcome Butler with open arms despite the obvious awkwardness of it all. Butler had thoughts on that as well.

“I have no worries in the world,” Butler said after shootaround Wednesday, via the Star Tribune. “I’m fortunate to be able to play basketball every day with these incredible group of guys and seriously just going out and playing basketball.”

Regardless of how the Timberwolves players, coaching staff, management and ownership — not to mention Butler himself — have tried to cast the situation in the best light, the Butler fiasco is an untenable situation. Butler needs to be traded so the Wolves can move on from the debilitating debacle.

One good thing for Butler and the T-Wolves is at least the team is on the road for the season opener. That way, Timberwolves fans won’t have the opportunity to boo Butler, which he says he would welcome. Then again, the T-Wolves’ home opener is at Target Center on Friday, so the delay is minor.