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Watch: J.R. Smith trolled by the Grinch over Finals meltdown in movie promo

J.R. Smith, no matter how hard he tries, cannot escape mockery over his mind-blowing 2018 NBA Finals meltdown, even after all these months. Now, even the Grinch is jokingly ridiculing him in a promotion of the titular character’s upcoming film.

ESPN currently is pairing NBA stars — including Smith, as well as Joel Embiid and Draymond Green — in promotional spots for the latest on-screen iteration of the classic Dr. Seuss character. The movie, titled, “The Grinch,” which will be released next month.

The Smith-centered promo, has the Grinch, as voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, trolling Smith over his incomprehensible brain freeze at the end of regulation during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game 1 overtime loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Smith of course appears shirtless in the spot when the Grinch questions him about the fateful night.

“Dude, it’s last year, let it go,” Smith tells him, as transcribed by

“You’re right. No turning back the clock now, huh???” the Grinch says.

Smith: “Not funny.”

Grinch: “Only time will tell how…”

(Smith hangs up the phone)

Smith: “I’m not hungry.”

Well played. But you’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.