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Cleveland parade celebrating Tristan Thompson-Draymond Green punch canceled

A parade in Cleveland planned months ago and organized as a public celebration of Tristan Thompson allegedly punching Draymond Green at a party evidently has been canceled.

NBC Sports Bay Area’s Drew Shiller reports the parade, which had been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 13, at 3:10 p.m. will not occur. A Facebook page promoting the parade that was launched on July 31 now features the message: “This event was canceled. You cannot share this event, but you can still post.”

Approximately 5,700 people said they had planned to attend the festivities.

The supposed melee points to it being flare-up from escalating animosity between Green and Thomson that began during the Golden State Warriors-Cleveland Cavaliers showdown in the NBA Finals. There were reports that Thompson landed a “sucker punch” on Green during a confrontation at an exclusive party following the ESPY Awards in July. Others referred to it as a “smush face.”

Green declined to comment on the supposed brouhaha in August, saying he did not “feel the need to respond or go into detail on that.” The Warriors star when again presented the opportunity to address the supposed incident during a recent interview with  Sam Alipour for ESPN The Magazine, declined to do so.

ESPN: “Is your rivalry with Tristan Thompson over?”
Draymond: “Was it ever a rivalry?”

ESPN: “We’ve seen conflicting reports about what sparked your scuffle at the ESPYS after-party. Care to set the record straight?”
Draymond: “I want people to believe what they want to believe. If you were there, you know. No big deal.”

The Warriors star amusingly did make light of the planned parade over the summer, however, as he trolled Cavaliers fans for planning a parade in the first place.

Odds are Green could not care less that the parade has been canceled, although perhaps he’ll get a chuckle out of the development.